Kelly Harmon & Associates provide outstanding, highly practical seminars and workshops to schools throughout the United States. We customize the content of the workshop to meet the needs of each school or district. Contact our office at (210) 218-1723 to schedule an onsite workshop.

Instructional Coaching

Kelly Harmon & Associates provide school districts with highly effective instructional coaches who work with teachers 1-5 days per month. By contracting this service, schools have access to knowledgeable consultants who are extensively trained in standards-based curriculum, instruction, and assessment. Our instructional coaches work with Pk-12th grade teachers to support the achievement of all learners.

Effective, high achieving schools provide not only a curriculum that guides and supports standards-based learning, but also access to master teachers (instructional coaches) who provide ongoing professional development embedded in daily professional learning activities. Instructional coaches facilitate teacher learning teams as they make professional, informed decisions based on their own students’ needs and ability levels, in relation to curricular requirements and context. This leadership includes demonstrating research-based strategies, co-teaching and observations of teachers who are implementing differentiated instruction strategies, and data analysis throughout the year.

Please contact our office at (210) 218-1723 for more information on this service.