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Kelly Harmon & Associates began in 2001 with a mission of instructional coaching and providing rich literacy resources for educators and parents. Our work incorporates research-based best practices for teaching and learning.

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Kelly Harmon & Associates provide outstanding, highly practical seminars and workshops to schools throughout the United States. We customize the content of the workshop to meet the needs of each school or district. Contact our office at 817-583-1290 to schedule an onsite workshop.

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Authentic Writing Purposes

Good writers are intentional.  They can take any topic they know a lot about and write for a variety of purposes.  In this handout, teachers and students choose a topic and brainstorm one-to-three central ideas for each purpose.  

For teachers, this is a tool for planning to write around a topic of study. Think about how writing helps you will know if students are grasping important concepts and understandings.  This tool will help you plan quick writes, as well as essay prompts. 

This is a great activity for helping students learn about purpose-driven writing.  Writers need to make decisions and one of the most important decisions is "what is the purpose of my writing?"  

For more information, visit the online resources on the Write for Texas website.  

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Learning Targets for Writing

Writing is a macro-process that must be chunked into digestible pieces. Writing demands that the writer make a series of complex decisions.  In order to develop proficiency, instruction must be carefully planned.  

This resource helps teachers as they plan a unit of study for writing. Notice how the learning targets reflect a part of the standard and build towards mastery of the standard.  Be sure to check your grade level standards to ensure you are using the targets that relate to grade level expectations.  

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Text Suggestions for November

When we choose texts for our students to read, we should choose texts that require students to use the metacognitive strategies in our learning targets to process the text and capture students' interests! Texts can and should be used more than once. Think of how many times you have watched your favorite movie. Each time, you discover or learn something new. It's a great time of the year to use texts that focus on our American traditions and history while having fun reading various types of texts.

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